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Have the Laws of Gravity been suspended?

Well you might think so with the name of the spectacular falls on the lower Saint John River in Saint John, New Brunswick.  Reversing Falls is a famous natural attraction that draws visitors from around the world.  Driven by the mighty tides of the Bay of Fundy the Saint John River is stopped in its tracks twice a day and is forced to run backwards up river creating a class three rapids or falls.  With the exception of the 20 minute “Slack Tide” when the river and the Bay are equal and calm for the rest of the day the […]

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Bay Of Fundy Fog … it’s a Good Thing!!

Well how can fog be a good thing? It can spoil a day at the beach. It can cause your hair to curl up like a brillo pad.  Yeah, well maybe it can but it can also be beautiful and soft and sometimes even warm.  First off I must explain the cause of our Fundy Fog.  The Bay of Fundy tides range from 25 to, in some areas, as much as 50 feet and are the highest recorded tides in the world.   The reasons for this are many and complex and I will save them for another article.  But needless […]

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Dulse … Yuck or Yum?

Ok So when in Rome do as the Romans they always say. Well when in Saint John, New Brunswick or anywhere along the Fundy Coast you may find it difficult to know what to do when it comes to dulse. First off what is dulse? It is basically dried seaweed. And people eat it. Now if that does not get your saliva glands moving what does? This particular species of seaweed is harvested from the sea floor during the low tides found along the Fundy Shore. These tides are the highest and conversely the lowest ocean tides in the world […]

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