Bay Of Fundy Fog … it’s a Good Thing!!


Well how can fog be a good thing? It can spoil a day at the beach. It can cause your hair to curl up like a brillo pad.  Yeah, well maybe it can but it can also be beautiful and soft and sometimes even warm.  

First off I must explain the cause of our Fundy Fog.  The Bay of Fundy tides range from 25 to, in some areas, as much as 50 feet and are the highest recorded tides in the world.   The reasons for this are many and complex and I will save them for another article.  But needless to say the result of these enormous tides is … FOG  really, really good  FOG.   Particularly in the area from the Maine border to Saint John.  

A huge volume of  North Atlantic Ocean rushes in and out of the bay two times a day every day.  When this water crashes into the group of Islands knows as the  Fundy Isles – Campobello, Grand Manan and Deer Island – it is  completely mixed and turned upside down.  This brings very cold water to the surface that cools the air and creates fog when it encounters warm moist air over the land.   Once you have seen it, and walked through it along along a deserted beach, you will come to understand how our fog really is a good thing.  You will also understand why the fog horn was invented in Saint John and the first commercial steam powered fog whistle was installed in Saint John Harbour in 1854.

Come and visit us at Homeport Historic B&B and, if you are lucky, you may experience the Fundy Fog for yourself.  

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