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Top 5 Things to see in Grand Manan, NB

Brenda of Captains Jewel of Grand Manan recommends the following five things to see in Grand Manan near the Bay of Fundy. Swallowtail Lighthouse Hole in the wall Seal Cove Beach Southern Head Whitehead Island And … Great restaurants are Mclaughlin Wharf Inn (gourmet dining) Galloways (anything is good here)  Ferry Wharf takeout Sailors landing And … Things to do Hiking Kayaking tours Wonderful new boat trip called Top of the Island Tours Whales and Sails Sailboat Whale Watching Tours Seawatch Whale Watching Tours and Puffin Tours

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There’s Plenty to See and Do on Grand Manan

Visiting the Bay of Fundy islands of New Brunswick will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your trip down east. The islands of Grand Manan, Deer Island and Campobello are all easily accessible by car and ferry and each has a unique flavour. The largest island Grand Manan has much to offer in the way of very unusual vacation possibilities. The ferry to Grand Manan departs from Blacks Harbour which is roughly halfway between Saint John and Saint Andrews. If you have bicycles you might consider leaving your car at Blacks Harbour. Bikes are easy to manage on […]

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There’s a Lot to Do in St. Andrews

The town of St. Andrews-by-the-Sea has been a favourite with vacationers and tourists in New Brunswick for well over a century. Founded by Loyalists in 1783, St. Andrews became a favoured place for the wealthy from Boston to Montreal to while away the summer months in well appointed hotels and luxurious summer homes. They arrived on trains with their entourage of servants and all necessary supplies. These well-heeled, summer residents who sought a respite from the heat and congestion of large eastern cities where they made their money, established a kind of elegance that persists in St. Andrews today. The […]

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