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There’s Plenty to See and Do on Grand Manan

Visiting the Bay of Fundy islands of New Brunswick will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your trip down east. The islands of Grand Manan, Deer Island and Campobello are all easily accessible by car and ferry and each has a unique flavour. The largest island Grand Manan has much to offer in the way of very unusual vacation possibilities. The ferry to Grand Manan departs from Blacks Harbour which is roughly halfway between Saint John and Saint Andrews. If you have bicycles you might consider leaving your car at Blacks Harbour. Bikes are easy to manage on […]

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Acadian Peninsula – Heritage and Nature Up Close

It is in the region of the Acadian Peninsula in Northern New Brunswick that you can really discover the heritage and vibrant life of the Acadian people, A day or two of immersion in the culture of the area will show you how much the Province of New Brunswick is shaped by its French speaking population. First you will want to visit the Village Historique Acadien in Caraquet. It is a large living history community that includes several domestic and commercial buildings, farms and workshops, around a pleasant lake that is crossed by a covered bridge. The costumed villagers will […]

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Sackville – Nature, Horses, Art and Poetry

Sackville is right on the eastern border of the Province of New Brunswick. It is a rewarding stop when either entering or leaving the province. It is a quaint university town set in a particularly unusual environment on the edge of the Tantramar Marshes. A jewel in the crown of Sackville’s tourist attractions is the Sackville Waterfowl Park located appropriately on Mallard Drive. Extensive boardwalks take you over the fragile environment which is inhabited by a wide number of bird species including, rails, coots, grebes and bitterns. You can take a self-guided tour following a printed guide which includes a […]

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