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Fredericton for a Family Friendly Vacation

Families visiting Fredericton in the summer will delight in having the kids experience the life of a soldier in the Fredericton Garrison. Dressed up in a redcoat uniform, children are given a special tour of the barracks, guardhouse and cell block. Then they are led to the parade ground for drill instruction where they learn to march and turn like a soldier in the early 1800s. To top it all off a review is held of the platoon of little ones which is sure to make every parent proud. This experience in re-enactment takes place in the Fredericton Garrison. For […]

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Sackville – Nature, Horses, Art and Poetry

Sackville is right on the eastern border of the Province of New Brunswick. It is a rewarding stop when either entering or leaving the province. It is a quaint university town set in a particularly unusual environment on the edge of the Tantramar Marshes. A jewel in the crown of Sackville’s tourist attractions is the Sackville Waterfowl Park located appropriately on Mallard Drive. Extensive boardwalks take you over the fragile environment which is inhabited by a wide number of bird species including, rails, coots, grebes and bitterns. You can take a self-guided tour following a printed guide which includes a […]

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