Dulse … Yuck or Yum?

Ok So when in Rome do as the Romans they always say.

Well when in Saint John, New Brunswick or anywhere along the Fundy Coast you may find it difficult to know what to do when it comes to dulse. First off what is dulse?

It is basically dried seaweed. And people eat it. Now if that does not get your saliva glands moving what does? This particular species of seaweed is harvested from the sea floor during the low tides found along the Fundy Shore. These tides are the highest and conversely the lowest ocean tides in the world so there is a lot of the seafloor exposed and LOTS of seaweed. Picked up and brought to high land it is laid out to dry in the blazing Fundy Sunshine (HA…read my article on fog) and brought to market. It is a rich purple color with a tangy salty taste with strong hints of Iodine. Reportedly it is very good for you which could explain the awful taste. But the locals are split on that point and those who like it like it a lot and eat it like potato chips.

Pick up a bag from Deans in the Saint John City Market and judge for your self. It is a local tradition to be sure. And drop by the Homeport Historic B&B to let me know what you think.

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