Kedgwick is situated in the north western corner of New Brunswick, 183 km (113.7 mi.) west of Bathurst. As well, Kedgwick belongs to Restigouche County. Kedgwick is positioned in the midst of the Appalachian Mountains, and is home to a beautiful surrounding forest, which contributes to the economy, as forestry is the most prominent industry here. Autumn in Kedgwick brings forth another purpose for the surrounding woods, as the green forest turns into a plethora of vivid, breath-taking colours.

The Kedgwick Railway Station, no longer in service, acts today as a tourism destination, offering insight into the history of this 1920 creation. A forestry village and museum depicts life in the 1960s down to the 1930s, and offers detailed insight into the profession of a woodsman, including authentic tools and more. Enjoy a canoeing tour outside Kedgwick, a half day in length, that explores the Restigouche River. Kedgwick is vast in beauty and hospitable by nature.

Kedgwick accommodations include bed and breakfasts and more.

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O'Regal Restaurant & Motel Ltée Hotel Kedgwick 8014 Route 17 Request Info

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