From Dalhousie through the middle-top of New Brunswick to Perth Andover lies an extension of the Appalachian range - mountains older than the Himalayas.

In Fall, the mountains display famous multi-colored foliage as the trees get ready for winter. In summer the Region offers hiking opportunities on the relatively well preserved Canadian part of the Appalachian Trail which stretches south well into the United States. Enjoy the transition from ocean to mountains starting with beaches in Charlo and passing through Dalhousie with its 1870 Inch Arran Lighthouse and its view of Chaleur Bay.

Campbellton, on the banks of the Restigouche River, offers canoeing and salmon fishing and an annual Salmon Festival. Moving into the mountains the trail enters forested country, and passes through Kedgwick with its forestry museum. Abundant wildlife draws wildlife enthusiasts. The road meets the Trans Canada Highway in Perth-Andover on the Saint John River, offering the scenic community as the last stop of the Region.

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