Charlo, a member of Restigouche County, was incorporated in 1966. Considered to be one of the older communities in New Brunswick, Charlo was in development in the late 1700s. Charlo is positioned in the north eastern corner of the province. As well, Charlo is a bilingual community, with a steady amount of both English and French speaking inhabitants.

Charlo is 78.9 km (49 mi.) northwest of Bathurst, traveling along the scenic shores of Chaluer Bay. Charlo is a bustling community in summer months, home to beautiful, lengthy beaches that attract many visitors. As well, Charlo is home to walking trails, a wide mix of wildlife, the second longest natural sand bar on the planet, water sports, vibrant vegetation, fishing, hospitable people and so much more. Cross-country skiing, sledding and ice-skating are also common activities in Charlo in the winter time.

Charlo accommodations are listed below.

Blue Heron Camping
3 Cove Road
Heron's Nest Cottages/Chalet Le Nid du Héron
Long Term
6 Heron's Nest St.
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