Beresford is situated on Chaleur Bay, just north of the city of Bathurst. Over 80 percent of the town's residents are francophone. Beresford is named after William Carr Beresford, a Viscount and English general. William Carr Beresford commanded the Portuguese troops that were part of Wellington's army from 1808 to 1814.

Beresford's main attraction is its beach, which was renovated in the late 1990s. The beach has an observation tower overlooking marshes, a boardwalk, restroom and shower facilities. Local musicians often feature their talents at the beach on warm summer nights. A carnival called "Carnaval du Siffleux" is held in Beresford every year. Sculptures made of snow are presented around the town which is one of the many activities available to the Beresford residents during this carnival.

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