St. Leonard is a community of just over one thousand mostly francophone residents. St. Leonard is on the western edge of New Brunswick, a total of 232 km (144.2 mi.) northwest of Fredericton.

St. Leonard was initially founded in the 1700s by a settler named Leonard Coombes. Coombes would later be honoured when the community name was chosen specifically for him. Forestry had been the key industry in St. Leonard for years, although that industry seems to be in a decline today. St. Leonard is positioned next to the shores of the lengthy and beautiful Saint John River. St. Leonard is home to a marina, which also hosts a festival one a year, shining a light on the wonderfully talented artists of St. Leonard and beyond.

Visitor can also enjoy spending the day at the river, kayaking, fishing, swimming or just relaxing. Maine is just minutes away, offering easy access to the United States and a different world to discover.

St. Leonard accommodations include bed and breakfasts and cottages.

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Camping St. Leonard RV/Camping St. Leonard 470 Route 17
Daigle's Motel Hotel St. Leonard 68 Dupont St. Request Info
Maple Leaf Motel & Camping Hotel St. Leonard 1353 Route 17

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