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Grand Manan is situated on an island of the same name, located in the Bay of Fundy. Grand Manan is also the southern most point of New Brunswick, mere minutes from the shores of Maine. Grand Manan was first discovery by Europeans in the 1700s, as they would later use the land for smuggling. Before the Europeans and Loyalist of the American Revolution came to the island, the Passamaquoddy natives inhabited the land. At one time, Grand Manan was a part of Nova Scotia, as well as America, but New Brunswick would eventually claim the land in exchange of other areas of land. Main industries in Grand Manan are fishing and tourism. Grand Manan is a total of 116 km (72.1 mi.) southwest of Saint John, including a ferry ride to Blacks Harbour.

Grand Manan is home to a wide variety of attractions and activities. Grand Manan is home to many art galleries, each delving into local history and displaying local art work. A whale and seabird research station in Grand Manan works at preserving the local wildlife and also includes shopping for tourists. A local museum will explain all the history of the area via displays, exhibits and much more. There are many lighthouses on Grand Manan Island, all of which are beautifully placed amid breathtaking views of the shoreline and the ocean. Grand Manan Island also features marshes and dunes and numerous types of birds and wildlife. As well, the Hole in the Wall Park includes hiking trails, beaches, woodlands, wildlife and so much more.

Grand Manan accommodations include bed and breakfasts, cottages, motels, inns and campgrounds.

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Amble Inn Cottages Long Term Grand Manan 2262 Route 776 Request Info
Bear's Den Cottages Long Term Grand Manan 3464 Route 776
Captain Cook's B&B B&B Grand Manan 1171 Route 776 Request Info
Castalia Marsh Retreat RV/Camping Grand Manan 11 Bancroft Point Rd. Request Info
Compass Rose Heritage Inn B&B Grand Manan 65 Route 776 Request Info
Creekside Cottage Long Term Grand Manan 16 Poodle Alley Request Info
Fishermen's Haven Cottages Inc. Long Term Grand Manan 12 Fishermen's Haven Lane
Gail's Guests B&B Grand Manan 1909 Route 776
Heritage House (Grand Manan) Long Term Grand Manan 42 Old Airport Rd. Request Info
Hole In The Wall Park Campground RV/Camping Grand Manan 42 Old Airport Rd. Request Info
Marathon Inn Hotel Grand Manan 19 Marathon Lane Request Info
McLaughlin's Wharf Inn Long Term Grand Manan 1863 Route 776
Seaside Haven Cottages Long Term Grand Manan 10 Seaside Lane Request Info
Ship-to-Shore Getaway Long Term Grand Manan 5 S.C. Breakwater Rd. Request Info
Spray Kist Cottages Long Term Grand Manan 2262 Route 776 Request Info
Surfside Motel Hotel Grand Manan 123 Route 776 Request Info
Swallowtail Overlook Long Term Grand Manan 50 Lighthouse Rd. Request Info
The Stone Cottage Long Term Grand Manan 56 Whale Cove Rd.

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