St. George is a small community, part of Charlotte County, situated near the southern most point of New Brunswick's mainland. The original settler to St. George was Peter Clinch, a Loyalist from the United States, who came to St. George in 1784. St. George has been dubbed "Granite Town" for its important role in the granite industry at one time, as today, the industry is non-operational. St. George is also positioned on the Magaguadavic River, which leads to a gorge by the community. Saint John is located 72.7 km (45.2 mi.) east of St. George.

St. George is home to a large array of attractions and activities. The Canal Beach in St. George is a great place to spend a day with the family, swimming in the water and playing in the sand. A walking tour through the town offers insight into the past of St. George. St. George is home to walking trails, parks, some of the world's highest tides, wild animals, fine dining, kayaking and exceptional scenery.

St. George accommodations include bed and breakfasts and campgrounds.

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Granite Town Hotel Hotel St. George 79 Main St. Request Info
Grove Motel Hotel St. George 30 Brunswick St.
Hibbard House Inn Long Term St. George 16 South St.

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